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What is AVT?
Makita has adapted the science of earthquake engineering into power tools with Makita's Anti Vibration Technology (AVT).
Makita's innovative AVT, Anti Vibration Technology, uses the science of dynamic damping to dramatically reduce rotary vibration by nearly 50% to any comparable products and at the same time increase impact power by up to 75%.   avt_illustration
Advantages of Anti Vibration
- To protect the operator from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).
- To keep the operator healthy and fit for work and leisure
- Reduced operator fatigue. More productivity
- Easy to control the tool and hence better finish
Active Dynamic Vibration absorber
Shift of air pressure in crank room and barrel room "actively" controls balancer to move opposite of piston
piston_29 piston_2
Vibration is absorbed efficiently by the Counterweight's dynamic action produced by our innovative active mechanism.
Vibration Absorbing Grip
Spring loaded hinged grip absorbs vibration